D&L Garage Doors and Locksmith


D&L Garage Doors and Locksmith

D&L Garage Doors and Locksmith is a dependable company that perfectly understand what Portland residents have to deal with when they lose their keys, when their lock break or a garage door fails to open. That why the company has come up with means to ensure every customer gets best services as per his problem or preference. Below are some of the services provided by D&L Garage Doors and Locksmith.


Portland Automotive Locksmith Services.

Being locked out of your car especially when you are in a hurry can be very irritating, that why D&L company is always on stand by for such an emergency, all you have to do is contact them and they will certainly get you back to your car. Remember it does not have to be an automotive locksmith emergency only, it can be any form of locksmith emergency since the company is very flexible when it comes to their services.


Portland Residential Locksmith Services

D&L Garage Doors and Locksmith perfectly understand that you can be locked out of your house any hour of the day or night and that why their locksmith services are available 24/7. The company always ensure that whenever they repair or replace a house lock, the customer is completely satisfied with their service. In fact, the residential locksmith services provided by the company has a 90-day warranty.


Advantages of D&L Garage Doors and Locksmith Services

The company is fully insured, licensed and bonded just in case any compensation is needed, also, the prices charged by the company for their services are very competitive. The company has been in the industry for years and that why they are confident in dealing with all locksmith needs, they have also made a name for themselves by exercising a high level of trustworthy. Lastly, they don't charge any extra fee even when they work extra hours. For more info click on Locksmith Portland.